New Possibilities

Axonne is redefining next-generation Automotive E/E architecture by simplifying In-Vehicle Network Solutions.

ADAS & Autonomous Drive

Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and the increasing level of autonomous driving capacity require an in-vehicle network interface that can safely deliver data with micro-second level accuracy.

High Performance Compute

High-performance computing vastly improves the Artificial Intelligence (AI) model accuracy. The in-vehicle network solution has to manage the high volume of time-sensitive data from the multitudes of sensors within the vehicle to the computing system.

Bandwidth Scaling

Different sensor modalities and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) connectivity require in-vehicle network solutions that can scale to the bandwidth needed for each dedicated application.

Any to Any Connectivity

Versatility is essential in adapting to new features in an in-vehicle network connectivity standards. A solution that allows any-to-any connectivity enables virtualization and hence, a software defined vehicle solution.

Functional Safety

With the increased level of vehicle autonomy comes the need for functional safety to avoid unreasonable risk from hazards caused by malfunctioning in-vehicle network solutions.


The increasing volume of data from the numerous sensors and IVI connectivity means a need to protect the vehicle communication networks against malicious attacks & unauthorized access.